About Us

Legendary Foodz began with one simple mission: Combine amazing flavor and incredible nutrition.

And like all missions (that are worth pursuing), things are always easier said than done. However, our team pulls the worlds of incredible taste and next-level nutrition closer together each day.

We think big (Big Food big) and act small (kitchen counter small).

At Legendary – we look at food in the exact opposite way that Big Food does. We’re not interested in empty calories, skyrocketing insulin levels, and wreaking havoc on health. We’re hungry for something better. Something that makes you feel full and satisfied, with protein and nutrients to live a legendary life.

Speaking of protein…that’s where it all begins.

Whether it’s a handmade batch on our founder’s kitchen counter (true story…keep reading), or produced in our US-based manufacturing facilities, protein is the main character in each Legendary recipe. While many brands will “add” protein to their products in an attempt to market them as “healthier”, we’re making the foods that you crave out of protein. Like our iconic Protein Pastries and Protein Sweet Rolls, we combine the worlds of amazing flavor and incredible nutrition unlike anyone else.

A Quest that became a mission.

Before there was Legendary Foodz, there was Quest Nutrition.

Quest Nutrition was started on the kitchen counter of Ron and Shannan Penna – to address the needs of people who take their nutrition very seriously, yet also love great-tasting food. Products in the space just weren’t cutting it at the time; there was always the trade-off between flavor and nutrition, and everything felt like a compromise. Ron and Shannan set out to change the game.

Starting with the iconic Quest Bar and later expanding into salty protein snacks, peanut butter cups, frozen protein pizza, and many other products, Quest grew into one of America’s fastest-growing food companies; selling for $1 billion in cash to the Simply Good Foods Company in 2019.

While many would simply sit back and relax, Ron and Shannan knew there was more to accomplish. That’s when they teamed up with their good friend Michael Veni and founded Legendary Foodz.